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HEADLINE: Food For The Hungry Board seeks community help in events supporting the 2021 drive

MOUNT VERNON—The 2020 Food For The Hungry campaign was widely successful reaching a total of 423,021.21 and 15.3 truckloads of food. With the 2021 kickoff only a few months away, FFTH is looking to create a calendar of community events benefiting the drive. If there is an event in place or in the works for the 2021 Campaign, fill out the form on by October 9.  For further information or questions, please contact Food for the Hungry Executive Director, Lisa Mazzari at 740-398-0569 or email

FFTH is working to get every event publicized to create the best possible turnout. The Food For The Hungry Board of Directors are grateful for the determination and compassionate hearts of this community to reach those in need. 

“This past year has put people closest to us in positions unthinkable. There has been loss, death and gain throughout this year and many are on different paths,” said Marketing Director Katelynn Mast, “We are all in the same storm, however, we may not be in the same boat. We are here to act as a life jacket and a hand to safety. We want to see our neighbors who are truly in need taken care of. We are here to be a help up, not a handout.” 

For photos, videos, and radio interviews from the 2020 drive, as well as continued opportunities to give, please visit The 2020 broadcast is available on demand at


Thanks to this generous community and continued support as we work together to care for our neighbors.


Let’s Work Together

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