Online live concert featuring Blackbyrd, Monday, December 7 at 7:30 pm.


This concert will feature the music of Tom Petty and the Beatles. To watch the concert and donate online go to www.elixirpresents and click on Foodstock 2020.

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Recreating the classic sound of the Beatles, Tom Petty, and others as faithfully as they possibly can is a full-time passion for the members of Blackbyrd. Consisting of Roy Rush on lead guitar, Todd Dean on drums, Collin Kightlinger on guitar, keyboards and vocals, and Mike Petee on bass, harmonica and vocals. Chris Petee will be joining the group for the Foodstock concert adding vocals and harmonies for this event.


The group originated as a Beatles cover band called The Chautauqua Beatles then Sgt. Pepper. With the addition of 2 new members, the band changed its name to BlackByrd and includes a larger classic rock selection. The original band developed a following through concerts in Ohio, highlighted by concerts for FOOD FOR THE HUNGRY at the Memorial Theater in Knox County that drew over 700 people and provided funds to help needy neighbors. They have also drawn over 1000 at the Blue Barn outdoor summer concert series and drawn well wherever they have played.




Mike Petee—playing bass, harmonicas and vocals – Mike has been a musician for nearly 50 years, playing in a wide variety of bands over the years, including Silverhorse, receiving airplay in 6 states with Mike’s song “Weariness.” That band was nearly signed to Atlantic Records. Mike has also received an Emmy nomination for his music in the documentary “Trail Magic” The Grandma Gatewood Story, and his songs have appeared in various movie soundtracks.


Roy Rush—lead guitar, vocals – Roy has developed his singular musical trademark sound through countless hours of meticulous practice and not stopping until he can play each part flawlessly. Roy has been into music from the moment his father first took him to concerts in Nashville and other locations. He has developed his own style that is influenced by some of the greatest guitarists. Roy has received standing ovations for his lead work, especially when he tears up “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” or any Tom Petty song.



Collin Kightlinger—guitars, keyboards, vocals - When Collin first heard The Beatles he wanted to be Paul McCartney and has done everything he can to learn his craft and study his idol. Collin has performed with various bands over the years polishing his chops. He is a gifted musician, singer and luthier. Blackbyrd affords him the chance to extend his knowledge of playing and bringing a polished edge to his work and study of each song to get it right. He is also our resident “screamer” for Beatles and Tom Petty – being both acts generally put a scream in nearly every song.



Todd Dean—drums, vocals – the newest member of Blackbyrd has a long history of musicianship from drums to banjo to … you name it. He actually makes his own drums and customizes them to his specifications. Todd has many years of experience in a wide variety of musical styles and prefers any song that challenges him to add different textures to the music and add the little touch that adds something special to the music of Blackbyrd that no one can copy.



Chris Petee—vocals