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Food For The Hungry- Working together to care for our neighbors

The following local organizations have been awarded grants to help support their food initiatives in 2018.

Gay Street
Methodist Church

Gay Street United Methodist Church Hot Meals Program received a $1,000 grant in 2018. The church is part of the weekly Hot Meals program in the Mount Vernon area and serves approximately 70-100 folks every Friday evening.  

The Half Units

Mount Vernon Association of Police Chaplains/The Half-Units Support Group received a $1,000 grant in 2018. The Half-Units is a chapter of the Mount Vernon Association of Police Chaplains. They provide support for all Knox County first responders and spouses, including meal trains, gas vouchers, and other needs for their families in times of crisis or other life events.

Winter Sanctuary

The Winter Sanctuary received a $1,500 grant in 2018.
The Winter Sanctuary is an emergency homeless shelter for men and women.  This grant was used for breakfast foods, Saturday lunches, and for meals when the guests are not able to make it to an evening hot meal in the community. The have served approximately 100 people per month.

Life Point Church Backpacks of Hope

Lifepoint Church Backpacks of Hope received a $2,000 grant in 2018.
The Backpacks of Hope attempts to address the problem confronting kindergarten children through 5th grade who are going hungry on weekends.  They provide two breakfasts, two entrees with vegetable and two snacks of which one is a fruit either apple, banana or orange. They serve 66 elementary children for 35 school weeks.

CHOMP Ministries

CHOMP Ministries received a $2,000 grant in 2018. CHOMP’s purpose is to aid local residents through meeting physical needs that support a healthy lifestyle.  They have produce markets at Riverside Park and the Mulberry Street United Methodist Church. They have served approximately 2,911 people.


feedtheVERN received a $2,000 grant in 2018. feedtheVERN provides food every week throughout the school year to elementary school children in Mount Vernon who are in need.  Each year, they provide several thousand bags of food, to several hundred children within our community. They serve approximately 200 kids.

Covenant Church Food Pantry

Covenant Church Food Pantry received a $2,000 grant in 2018.
This food pantry feeds individuals with needs and those with low incomes. Lives are being changed to better our community. The pantry serves 640-720 people per month.

Acts Food Pantry

Acts Food Pantry received a $2,000 grant in 2018.
The Acts Food Panty provides food packages to families and individuals in need in Knox County. The grant helped them to purchase frozen food when available. They served 7,239 individuals in 2018.

Jacqueline McCalla-Cordle Children's Fund

Jacque Cordle Children’s Fund Food Pantry received a $2,000 grant in 2018. The food pantry serves all residents that reside in the Centerburg School District. They give 7 days of nutritional food. Each day has 3 USDA guideline meals and a nutritional snack.  Services are provided during weekly scheduled hours and on emergency call-ins by clients.
29,824 meals were given through November 24, 2018. They served 703 clients from January through November, 2018.

Byron Saunders Foundation

Byron Saunders Foundation, Knox County Chapter received a $2,000 grant in 2018. They provide the grocery items, including a turkey, for families in need so that they will have a Thanksgiving meal. The idea is for family members to create memories while preparing the meal. The Byron Saunders Foundation believes that preparing the Thanksgiving meal together creates and strengthens family bonds. Strong families create strong communities. In 2018, they provided 285 meals, reaching around 1,140 individuals.

The Church on the Rise Food Pantry

The Church on the Rise Food Pantry received a $2,000 grant in 2018.
This food panty provides a monthly distribution of food to the needy in our community every third Saturday. They also provide emergency food distributions throughout each month. The pantry serves 800-850 individuals monthly.

Touch Point Life Center

TouchPointe Life Center Jessica Reynolds received a $2,000 grant in 2018.
This grant was used to help our Knox County neighbors and the KnoxWorks program. TouchPointe is a nonprofit organization that wants to help build a healthy community through healthy couples and healthy relationships. They teach a relational healing class at the Alpha & Omega house that is court ordered and purchase a hot lunch for the participants on their last session class. They offer hot meals on Sunday afternoons at the Life Center and they also provide a spiritual message.
KnoxWorks is a program to help teach life skills and coaching to obtain employment.  TouchPointe also uses funds to provide lunch to the KnoxWorks class participants while they are learning about professionalism.  This program operates 5 days a week throughout the year. 500+ neighbors were served in 2018.

The Freedom Center

The Freedom Center received a $2,000 grant in 2018. This grant provided the Freedom Center the ability to provide snacks on a daily basis for their clients.  During their treatment time, the clients are learning healthy ways of taking care of themselves. Being able to provide nourishment along with hope and praise just makes things better for each client. They have provided over 1,650 snacks/meals in the last 6 months of 2018.

Centerburg Church of God Food Pantry

Centerburg Church of God Food Pantry received a $1,000 grant in 2018.
This pantry helps the needy during the Christmas and winter season with food for their families.  They serve approximately 150 families.

Central Christian Church

Central Christian Church Food Pantry received a $2,000 grant in 2018.
In 2018, this pantry provided 33,345 meals to 3,705 individuals. They have supplied over 74,000 lbs. of food. They serve approximately 150 families each month.

Mount Vernon Farmers Market

Mount Vernon Farmers Market Nutrition Incentives received a $1,000 grant in 2018. With the Nutrition Incentives for 2019, the market is able to encourage customers to return to the market by offering vouchers for SNAP/WIC and Senior Vouchers.  They served 400 individuals. 

New Directions

New Directions received a $1,000 grant in 2018.
The agency provides shelter to those leaving violent situations. They can not always anticipate when they will have clients needing shelter and sometimes it happens when the food pantries aren't open or clients need to eat something immediately. The funding from this grant helps to buy groceries in these emergency situations, provide a meal at a local restaurant (i.e., pizza or fast food), and have gift cards available for those that are needing their services as they are relocating out of town or state.  New Directions serve approximately 40 individuals (average sheltered per year - adults and children).

Fredericktown United Methodist Church

Peace Meals at Fredericktown United Methodist Church received a $1,000 grant in 2018.
The Fredericktown United Methodist Church serves free hot and nutritious meals to the community each Wednesday night. They serve approximately 230 guests each week.

Knox Learning Center

Knox Educational Service Center/Knox Learning Center received a $1,000 grant in 2018.
Hungry for Knowledge. Many students who attend the Learning Center come with little or nothing to eat.  Many students receive most of their food from the school. Often, that food isn't enough.  This grant allows the Learning Center to offer students a healthy afternoon snack so that they have something to fill their stomachs while they fill their minds. They serve approximately 50-75 students.

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