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We could not do what we do without each and every one of you! 

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank  You!

Dear Knox County,

In another year that we all have suffered from continued inflation and high food costs, your kindness has once again defined what makes Knox County so special!

From the young elementary school students to the ‘more mature’, you have provided the example of how a community CAN come together in support of the greater good; to assist those who worry about where to find their next meal or how to provide for themselves and their families.

Because of you, Interchurch Social Services, The Salvation Army, Center of Hope, and at least 25 food initiatives and programs around the county will see funding in 2024 earmarked to fight food insecurity and provide much-needed financial assistance.

We cannot begin to calculate the lives that have been touched through the generations of Knox County residents who have supported Food For The Hungry and the over six million dollars YOU have shared with your neighbors throughout the years. Thank you for 42 years of support and your trust in us!

Food For The Hungry Board Executive Committee:
Austin Swallow, Interim President
Curtis Newland, Secretary
Jacob Doup, Treasurer
Marcy Rinehart, Broadcast Committee Chair
Lisa Lloyd, At Large Member
Lisa Mazzari, Executive Director
Olivia Greenich Stern, Digital Content and Marketing Director

*2023 Thank You Letter

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