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Who We Are

Food for the Hungry is a nonprofit organization focused on providing food and financial support to entities striving to reduce hunger in Knox County, Ohio. In order to accomplish this mission, there is a food and money drive made up of multiple events culminating into a one-day simulcast (broadcast online and via the radio) on the second Friday of December. The food and funds collected by Food For The Hungry are distributed to local agencies that work firsthand with those in need of food in our community. Food For The Hungry offers many great ways for you and your family to get involved in bettering the lives of our neighbors. Different opportunities to get involved include—attending events, monetary donations, non-perishable food donations, volunteering your time, and so much more!

You can stand with us as we work together to care for our neighbors.




FFTH is a community drive that involves Knox County and benefits local agencies such as– Interchurch Social Services and the Salvation Army, and additional agencies and organizations that provide food-based initiatives.

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