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High School Collection competition

High School Food For The Hungry Collection Competition

Nov 1 - Dec 8

Deadline to enter: Nov 13.


The High School Food Drive Competition will conclude on Thursday, December 7th. To compete in this year’s High School Food Drive Competition, all your school needs to do is choose a week (or longer) to hold a food drive at your school and confirm the dates of your food drive with Shawn Dugan by Nov. 13. If you are a student attending a Knox County High School and have ideas for collections and drive competitions, talk to your administrators. 

Contact Shawn Dugan by Monday November 13th with a notice of your intention to compete, along with your proposed dates. Then announce it at your school and let the collection begin!

Remember to count your donations and report them at the end of your food drive. Your school will be contacted for additional information.

Contact Shawn Dugan at or 740.403.9711

School Collection Dates

Centerburg High School Drive: Nov. 9 - 15. 

Mount Vernon High School Drive: Nov. 8 - 21.

Daville High School Drive: Nov. 1 - 30. 

Fredericktown High School Drive: Nov. 28 - Dec. 7.

Knox County Career Center Drive: Nov. 28 - Dec. 7.


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